Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is integral to structural fire protection in a building.

The objective of passive fire protection is to contain fires and slow the spread of flame and smoke. It is a vital component of any fire safety strategy and therefore, key to safeguarding people, as well as minimising damage to buildings and their contents from fire and smoke.

Passive fire protection forms part of the structure of a building separating areas by way of floors and walls (compartmentation) It is designed to create more time for  safe evacuation or holding areas for occupants of the building whilst also offering protection to emergency services entering the building such as the fire service.

The materials used in the construction of the building will offer some level of fire rating and by adding passive fire protection products we can match or enhance this level of protection.  PFP products are also used to reinstate a level of fire rating if a compartment is breached by services see ‘compartmentation’

Some examples of PFP products include:

  • Fire resisting walls and floors
  • Penetration seals for pipes and other services
  • Structural steel coating 
  • Fire shutters and curtains
  • Fire resisting ductwork
  • Fire doors and hardware
  • Cavity barriers 

We offer market leading passive fire protection for both residential and commercial buildings. Our high calibre skilled fire engineers are all BM Trada 3rd party certified, we have more than 25 years industry experience and deliver quality projects in full compliance with industry regulations and best practice.

Quality and Compliance
Ensuring quality and compliance is always our priority, which is why we work with leading UK manufacturers and suppliers such as Protecta passive fire protection. With access to their extensive tested data and comprehensive range of PFP products backed up with individual CE marked approvals we are able to offer 3rd party accredited installations. 

BM Trada Q-Mark Certificaton Scheme

Systec Fire are certified under the BM Trada Q-Mark certification scheme. All works are carried out are 3rd party accredited to ensure quality and compliance in line with manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate guidelines.

Under the scheme you can be assured that our team of operatives have been trained to install fire stopping solutions that follow manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate guidelines.

Electronic Doumentation

Under 3rd party accreditation it is a requirement to provide documentation and traceability of fire stopping work carried out.  As a 3rd party registered company under the BM Trada certification scheme we use the OneTrace software. 

For added peace of mind and full transparency we use the electronic reporting OneTrace system to document all installations and inspections. We can also use this to: 

  • Carryout surveys
  • Track the progress of projects
  • Monitor works remotely
  • Store project files 

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