By compartmentalising using fire rated partitions, barriers, doors and curtains etc. the fire is sectioned into more manageable areas, improves the process for safe evacuation and helps reduce the time to bring the fire under control. 

Systec Fire Engineering offers fully compliant fire compartmentation solutions that divide premises into compartments to contain fire, smoke and gasses from spreading through a building. 

You may be recommended a compartmentation survey from your safety risk assessment if breaches have been identified in compartment walls, ceilings and floors. 

What is included?

  • An assessment of the compartmentation strategy for the premises
  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the existing fire compartmentation provisions; which includes floors, walls, roof voids, basements, floor and ceiling voids, risers and shafts where present
  • An assessment of the condition of compartmentation and subsequent defects in accordance with relevant British Standards, Approved Document B of the Building Regulations and any site-specific fire strategy information made available
  • A detailed review of fire doors on the premises (which can also be undertaken as a separate exercise)
  • A clear action plan which outlines locations of defects, photographic evidence and suggested remedial actions to be take

For more information on fire compartmentation or to book a survey please contact our technical team

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