Active Fire Protection

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Active fire protection works alongside passive fire protection to alert, supress and stop fires. It’s a dormant system that works independently from passive systems with products and systems operational both manually, automatically and digitally.

Another fundamental component of any fire safety strategy, active fire protection is key in safeguarding people whilst also minimising damage to buildings and their contents from fire and smoke.

We offer a comprehensive range of Active Fire Protection solutions to minimise risk in both residential and commercial buildings. From initial design to full installation and system maintenance our skilled engineers will deliver a quality solution for you in full compliance with industry regulations and best practice.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems are an engineered group of units that are used to extinguish, contain or even prevent fires from spreading or occurring through the application of a substance. There are a large variety of systems available and the use of these vary accordingly to the business type.

A simple but key active component of fire protection. A system will generally involve water being held under pressure in a network of pipes running through a building either in ceilings or side walls.

Fixed Fire Systems include:

Sprinkler Systems

Dry Risers

Fire Detection

Emergency Lighting

Fire Safety legislation requires emergency lighting to be installed and fully working in all non-domestic business premises. For use in the event of power failure, emergency lighting should be trigged automatically and will assist in safe lit movement to exits and light up the location of fire safety equipment.

Systec Fire Engineering can design, install and maintain your active fire protection systems keeping you and your occupants safe and your business compliant.

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